From the Mayor's Desk

Good Village Governance at Work

Babylon Village recently passed a package of measures that will, undoubtedly, help ensure the health, safety and welfare of the residents in the Village.

One of the measures sets down the procedure Village code enforcement offices can utilize to address the many incidents of “bike gangs” that harass and frighten drivers and pedestrians. Under the new measure, the Village can detain those who commit these instances of terrorizing the public and, with the assistance of Suffolk Police, have the bikes confiscated.

The new law is important because prior to this all that the code enforcement officers could do was to caution, warn, plead and encourage the members of these bike gangs, young people more often than not who would simply shrug their shoulders, move on and continue their abhorrent behavior.

Another measure will restrict the location of vape and/or marijuana shops helping to maintain the family atmosphere of the Village’s downtown area, while yet another law delineates between regular garbage and debris from large amounts of material some put at the curbside as they renovate or move out of their homes.

This will help ensure that the Village’s Highway Department is not overburdened by having to remove large amounts of materials and that the cost of that disposal is not shifted on to the shoulders of other taxpayers because some do not want to bear the expense of renting a dumpster.

By addressing these and other issues, the Village Board continues to be proactive and to address new issues as they arise. That’s good governing.