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Online Tax Payment

Pay your Village of Babylon Tax Bill online by using this secure link: Online Tax Payment Solution


Instructions to access your tax file:
You can search by either your last name or property address. Last name entry is not case sensitive; if you have more than one property they should all come up.

Property address is case sensitive and should be entered in CAPS.  If you have a problem pulling up by address, as it must be entered exactly as it is on the tax roll, you can search the Tax Roll by clicking at the bottom of our home page on: Tax Roll 2020/21.    Open the document and press “CNTRL F”  you can then enter your address and will bring you to that line on the roll.  You will then be able to see the exact entry on the roll for your address.  (For example whether it is entered as ST or STREET; AVE or AVENUE) 

Hope this helps!  Any problems, give us a call at (631) 669-1500

Also please note the convenience fee for paying by credit card is 2.65%; the total convenience fee will appear after you click on “checkout.” The fee for paying by electronic check is $1.50.  If you do not want to continue to process your payment, you can cancel at that time.

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