Building Department

Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings

Building permits are managed by the Babylon Village Building Department.
Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM. Tel. (631) 669-1300

The Building Department manages and approves all construction and alteration of commercial and residential buildings within the Village boundaries. It ensures that all construction projects meet New York State Building and Fire Codes, and Village of Babylon Zoning Codes and conducts fire inspections of all commercial buildings.

Any property owner in Babylon Village can call the Building Department for an informal inspection. An inspector will go to the property and perform an inspection to bring any existing or potential violations to the owner's attention. The property owner will be contacted by mail with a list of all violations found and will be given ample time to correct all of the violations with no summonses issued.

All property owners in the Village are asked to be aware of the outward condition of their property. A property that is not maintained affects the community as whole.

Procedures For Opening A Business In The Village Of Babylon

The Village of Babylon is eager to welcome new businesses to the community. Below you will find information pertaining to the Village’s Development process which includes the simple steps to starting your business in Babylon. Business owners interested in opening a business in Babylon are encouraged to first contact the Village to discuss business concepts, the proposed project and overall process. Depending on your needs, the following scenarios will help you determine how to get started.

All new businesses must make an application to the Planning Board to review your business plans before opening. An application for Planning Board can be found on the Village website, under “Permits & Applications.” Documents to be submitted with the application include the following:

  1. A current survey
  2. Interior floor plans with square footage
  3. Where necessary, the location, size and number of off-street parking spaces
  4. The location of dumpster/grease traps if utilized
  5. Hours of Operation
  6. Number of Employees
  7. Number of Patients/Clients per hour
  8. For Restaurants/Cafes: Number of seats at bar, Number of seats at tables

See Chapter 365-32 of the Babylon Village Code ( for more information on Site Plan requirements.

In some instances, a business may be an allowed use in a particular zoning district but requires a special use permit. Applicants would then be referred to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Learn more about the Village’s Zoning requirements in Chapter 365 – Zoning Code

Learn more about the Village’s Sign Code in Chapter 290 – Signs