Village of Babylon
Board of Trustees:
Mayor Ralph Scordino, Deputy Mayor Kevin Muldowney, Trustee Tony Davida,
Trustee Mary Adams, Trustee Robyn Silvestri, Village Attorney Gerard Glass

Mayor Ralph Scordino
Dear Residents,
I would like to welcome you to our web site for Babylon Village. I hope you find the information on this web site useful and helpful. As you can see, there are many activities and events that take place throughout the year in our Village, and we will be updating the web site as the year goes on.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to call my office at 669-1212, use the “Contact The Mayor’s Office” Contact Form , or stop in my office to see me.  On  behalf of the Village Board of Trustees, I hope you enjoy our web site and all that Babylon Village has to offer.

Ralph A. Scordino

Village of Babylon Messages

Please bookmark our Official Village of Babylon Home page at This section of our web site will provide important information and notices throughout the year. Also our Legal Notices page will help keep you informed as we will post all Village of Babylon Legal Notices there. View the LegaL Notice Page >

Informational Links: Coronavirus Precautions and Information | Village of Babylon Court | Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings | Sanitation & Recycling Information 

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Please be advised that the Village Golf Course will be closed on Thanksgiving Day due to inclement weather.

11-24-2020  -  Board of Trustees Meeting 8PM

To view the livestream of the Babylon Village Board Meeting, follow the link below.  The Board of Trustees work session will begin at 7PM, and the board meeting will begin broadcast at approximately 8PM:

11-18-2020 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting 7:30 PM  

To view the livestream of the November 18, 2020 Babylon Village Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting, please visit the link below:

Any questions regarding the Board of Appeals meetings can be emailed to

The Golf Course Hours for the remainder of the season are 9AM - 3PM.  We will keep the course open as long as the weather permits.  

         The Dock Committee has extended the 2020 Boating Season to November 30th, 2020.  All boats should be out of their slips by that date.  If you are interested in Winter Mooring, applications can be found at the bottom of the home page under permits and applications and can be mailed in with a check or emailed to  

PLEASE NOTE:  Water will be turned off after November 15th, 2020.  

11-10-2020 - Public Hearing 7PM to consider the adoption of Local Law #4 of 2020 to amend Chapter 93-8 of Village Code pertaining to Bicycles.


3-23-2020 - Update From The Mayor's Desk:  SOCIAL DISTANCING

Good afternoon, Babylon Village Residents and Guests:

By way of an executive order and as another precautionary and safety measure, beginning today, Monday, March 23rd, 2020, Babylon Village Code Enforcement will have the authority to disperse groups of people/children in Babylon Village that exceed the guidelines of the State of New York and Governor Cuomo’s directive as well as Suffolk County’s directive which is as follows:

  • Gatherings should be 10 people or less
  • Minimum 6 foot distance between people
  • Any outdoor sports should have a wide separation (minimum 6 feet) between participants (such as tennis).  Close quarters sports (such as basketball) is unacceptable.

Governor Cuomo will also be considering a plan to reduce gatherings of young people at parks throughout New York State as well and certainly we will be sharing that with our Village residents and guests.

Should you see something, say something.  Please contact Babylon Village Code Enforcement at (631) 894-2949.  Please also feel free to contact me at (631) 669-1212.  Please access our official Village of Babylon Facebook page for up-to-date information as well as our website:

Please stay safe, practice social distancing and be healthy. 

 Sincerely,  Mayor Ralph A. Scordino


3-18-2020 - From The Mayor's Desk:  VILLAGE HALL CLOSED TO PUBLIC

Good afternoon, Babylon Village Residents and Guests. As a precautionary and safety measure, beginning on Tuesday, March 18th, 2020, all Village of Babylon offices will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Each department can be contacted by phone: Mayor's Office : (631) 669-1212, Building Department: (631) 669-1300, Highway and Maintenance: (631) 669-4878, Village Clerk: (631) 669-1500, Village Court:(631) 669-1771, Village Treasurer: (631) 587-6270. We look forward to assisting you!  You can also email questions and concerns to, through our email notification on the homepage of our website, or through our Facebook page.

Again, this is strictly a precautionary and safety measure, all Village services will remain in effect, all Village offices will remain open, just closed to the public. We appreciate your cooperation and certainly feel free to contact my office at (631) 669-1212 with any questions or concerns. Please be safe and enjoy your evening!

Sincerely,  Mayor Ralph A. Scordino

After Hours Phone Number

Please note there is now a phone number to call, for "Quality of Life" issues, other than emergencies for which of course you should call 911. This number should be called in the event there is a situation that possibly our Special Service/Code Enforcement Officers may .. Read More .:

Pay your Village of Babylon Parking Tickets online.

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To access the Code for the Village of Babylon go to:

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