• JUN 28
    2024-2025 Taxes Due Without Penalty Until 7/1/2024 - Read More .:
  • Pool Parking Lot and Municipal Dock Parking - Read More .:
  • JAN 3
    2024 Sanitation Calendar -
  • AUG 25
    Request from Our Sanitation Department - Just a friendly request from Our Sanitation Department: Dear Residents, Please be mindful not to overstuff your house/kitchen garbage bags. Bags should not be so heavy that the bottoms of the bags break open when the crews are picking them up. We thank you for your assistance and cooperation with... Read More .:
  • JAN 2
    Sanitation Department - 6PM Message - To all our Village of Babylon Residents: In response to an ongoing issue we have been experiencing throughout the Village, we would like to remind our residents that no rubbish, recycling or any other material to be picked up by the sanitation department should be placed at the curb prior to 6:00... Read More .: