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Nathaniel Conklin House
280 Deer Park Ave, Babylon, New York 11702

The Kitchen

       During the “Hotel” years, there probably was a separate building for summer cooking. This little “winter” kitchen can show how a meal was created for a family.

      Cooking was a full time job.

      The wood burning stove had to be started at least an hour before any cooking could proceed.

      Water came from the hand pump and was carried in large pots from the pump to stove for all hot water needs.

      Bread and cakes were made by hand on the baker’s table and baked inside the stove.

      Many of today’s appliances are missing in the kitchen.

      We don’t see an ice box because that was usually kept on the rear porch. Each day the iceman came with his ice-wagon, cut a piece of ice to fit your ice box and deliver it without ever entering the kitchen.