Public Hearing March 28, 2017- LL #4 of 2017; Sorriso Cafe, 122 N. Carll Ave.



March 28, 2017


Mayor Ralph Scordino

Trustee Tony Davida

Trustee Mary Adams

Attorney Joel Sikowitz


Trustee Kevin Muldowney

Trustee Debbie Basile

Meeting opened at 7:20 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Trustee Davida.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Public Hearing will be held at the Municipal Building, 153 West Main Street, Babylon, NY, on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as can be heard to consider the adoption of the following Local Law:

Local Law #4 of the year 2017, amending current Village Code, Chapter 367-1.

Complete text of the above Local Law is available in the office of the Village Clerk.

All interested persons should appear at the above time and place, and they will be given an opportunity to be heard.

Attorney Sikowitz explained that this was a Local Law to correct a typographical error in Chapter 367-1 of Village Code.

On the motion of Trustee Davida, seconded by Trustee Adams and unanimously carried, it was

HEREBY ENACTED that the following Local Law is HEREBY ADOPTED:

Local Law #4 of 2017 to amend Chapter 367-1 of current Village Code.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Babylon will hold a Public Hearing at 153 West Main Street, on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as can be heard, to consider the application of Eduardo Matute, to open Sorriso Café, at 122 No. Carll Ave., the current location of Babylon Crepe & Pita Grill.

Copy of application and plans may be examined at the office of the Village Clerk, between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

All interested persons should appear at the above time and place and they will be given the opportunity to be heard.  All applicants and their duly appointed representatives must appear in person at the above hearing.

Property:       [Section 009 / Block 01 / Lot 032]

Sorriso Café  (formerly Babylon Crepe & Pita Grill)

122 North Carll Ave.

Babylon, NY  11702

Applicant:      Eduardo Matute

2 Oxford Str.

Islip, NY  11751

Mr. Matute approached the Board and explained his plans to take over the former restaurant business of Babylon Crepe & Pita Grill.  Mr. Matute is the owner with his father, who has a background in the restaurant business and will be the Chef.  Mr. Matute submitted plans from the existing Crepe & Pita Grill, stating that the only changes he intends to make are ‘cosmetic changes’- fresh coat of paint, new pictures and lighting; the layout and seating will remain the same, but with a more “vintage, classic” atmosphere. The name will be changed to Sorriso Café, and they will serve Italian food, with take-out and catering options.  Mr. Matute clarified that the menu will not include pizza and the presentation and taste will differ from the Italian food offered at the neighboring Sal’s Pizza.  Therefore, Mr. Matute believes that Sorriso Café will not interfere with the already established clientele of Sal’s.  Although the hours of operation on the application were 5:00am to 10:00pm, the focus initially will be to serve brunch and dinner; breakfast may be considered at a later date.  Mr. Matute intends to apply for a liquor license to serve wine and beer, and will not have full-service bar.

Attorney Sikowitz and the Board asked many questions of Mr. Matute and expressed their concerns regarding the vagueness of his explanations and apparent discrepancies with the plans submitted.   The plans seem to indicate more of a ‘buffet’/cafeteria style, which is not permitted in the Village. The Board emphasized the Village requirement for waiter / waitress service. They also expressed concerns regarding the apparent lack of ample parking for restaurant customers/ employees/ delivery vehicle, the proposed hours, and the need to see an updated survey, site plans, and a precise diagram indicating location of tables and seats.

The meeting was opened to the public;

Those who spoke against this application:

Aldo Giovassi, owner of Sal’s Pizza, North Carll Ave.

Mike Calarco, owner of Bagel Express, North Carll Ave.

Diane Botto, resident, 102 The Crescent

Sal Giovassi, owner of the Babylon Bean, Fire Island Ave.

Sherry Hershman, property owner, Sal’s Pizza and Bagel Express

Valerie Basile, resident, 34 South Carll Ave.

Fern Green, family member, Sal’s Pizza

Stephanie Lowe, resident of North Babylon, works in Village of Babylon

Caroline Palumbo, parent of cook at Sal’s Pizza

Roberth McGrath, resident, 13 Nehring Ave.

Those who spoke for this application:

Vera Esposito, owner of Building for proposed restaurant

Erica Pancho, wife of applicant

On the motion of Trustee Davida, seconded by Trustee Adams and unanimously carried, it was

RESOLVED to reserve decision.

Meeting adjourned 8:20 p.m.


Village Clerk

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