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Seatuck We Need Your Help Finding Alewives

 Finding Alewives in the Carlls River and Area Streams

You may have n0ticed the fishway installed by Babylon Village last spring at the Argyle Lake falls.  It allows fish like the alewife to spawn in the upper reaches of the Carlls River - for the first time in over 100 years! Our citizen-science research - documenting the spring spawning run of these important fish helped get the federal grant that paid for the fish ladder.

Now, you can help us with monitoring the 2014 run, an important step in the restoration effort.  We need people on the river and other area streams and creeks from March to May.  The alewife arrival each year is a boon to many species, including striped bass, bluefish, and osprey.

Finding Alewives in Carlls River And Area Streams Finding Alewives in Carlls River And Area Streams




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