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Building department information re Sandy Repairs

To all Village of Babylon residents regarding home repairs from super storm Sandy:

The following information needs to be considered when repairing storm damaged homes:

RAISING YOUR HOME - If your home has sustained substantial damage (defined as repair costs exceeding 50% of the building value) the Village will issue a letter of substantial damage requiring that your home be raised to the proper FEMA elevation. Once this letter is issued you are entitled to an additional $30,000 from FEMA if you have Flood Insurance towards raising your home. This is known as ICC - increased cost of compliance.
Always verify with your insurance agent.

FEMA maps are available to view at Village Hall. Whatever the elevation is listed on the FEMA map you must then add an additional 2 feet to because of a State Building Code Requirement known as "free board".

A small percentage of the Village is in the "wave action zone". These are houses that face directly on the Bay. This zone will require that you raise your house on piles with break away walls on the bottom like they do at Gilgo Beach, Fire Island, etc.

DEMOLITION - If your home is beyond repair and must be demolished than you must apply for a demolition permit with the Village. Letters of utility disconnects are required along with an asbestos abatement letter prior to demolition

NEW HOME - If you are going to rebuild your home as new then applications must be submitted to both the Village and Suffolk County Health Department. Application may be necessary with the NYSDEC if you are within 300 feet of unbulkheaded wetlands.

REPAIR - If you are repairing your home "as is" then a building permit is required if the repairs involve anything structurally, electrically or plumbing wise.

For the next 90 days building permits with the Village will be free. From 90 to 180 days out the permit fees will be half price. After 180 days the permit fees will go back to normal pricing.

Building maximum heights in all the flood zones are now amended to be 30 feet maximum measured from the new FEMA elevation to the highest point of the roof (no longer measured from crown of the road)


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